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Custom domain - issues detected

Hey there!

I have a project with .berlin domain. Ive connected the domain on the domain provider with two A values and one CNAME value, plus there’s one MX value. No duplicates or anything, just these four.

Here’s the image from Webfloe settings:

What do I need to do, to get this sorted out?

  1. Do I just need to wait?
  2. Is there a possibility, that .berlin domain needs something else sorted out cause it’s not a usual domain (read something somewhere…)

And another question:
3) Can I set the url without the www as a default? As far as I understand, I could do that only if I used tools like cloudflare since my dns provider doesn’ have this option?

Anyone got an idea about that?

Hi @maartin,

You may want to try adding a “.” (dot) after

Could you share the URL of the website to see if it’s propagated?

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Hi @ColibriMedia

I was asked not to chare it publicly. But I’ve just checked if it’s propagared with and it shows as propagared for both A’s (www and without), but it isn’t propagated for CNAME without www.

Have you tried with the dot at the end of the proxy address?

Sometimes it can also be TXT entries that blocks the CNAME propagation.