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Custom Domain/Hosting - FTP Access? - Third Party Email Marketing

Hey There,

Thought we would give your hosting and custom domain service a try. I added the hosting to my monthly setup and the site started working fine. I can access it at my domain with no problems (except the occasional 404).

I have a section that asks users for a simple email newsletter sign-up, I decided to try and integrate it with awebers email marketing service. The form only uses 1 field for the email text.

Here’s my issue:

I need to access the server so I can create .php scripts or custom files that will handle that forms email marketing integration. From what I see I have hosting but theres no way for me to access the files?

I need to setup the base in webflow and publish the files, then I would like to access them from an FTP client and alter/edit any files that may be needed to make the email marketing third party software work. Then the final files should be setup correctly, and shouldn’t get updated unless I go back to webflow and try to make changes?

(i’ve tried manipulating the ID’s of the fields, and the action of the forms to match aweber but no luck)

What would you recommend for me? Just say screw the hosting w/ webflow and use godaddy with the exported code?

If anybody has found a way around this or an email marketing software that works smoothly with webflow please let me know!

I understand the way webflow works and updates the files could play a role in why this feature doesn’t currently exist, but I definitely think there’s a way to make it work.

If it’s not possible now, it’s a suggestion I would make.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Webflow is by far the most revolutionary tool i’ve used for web development. I would highly recommend an affiliate program so we can start generating some sales for you because I know hundreds of web developers who would be highly interested and willing to pay for such a program.

Hi @Dennis_Pogrebch, let me add some comments your questions, based on your situation:

“What would you recommend for me? Just say screw the hosting w/ webflow and use godaddy with the exported code?”

– If you need source code control over a website created in Webflow, then your only option currently is to export the code and host on your own server. Using Webflow, you cannot FTP to files hosted in the Webflow platform, and Webflow hosting does not support PHP, so you would need your own external server, such as hosting by Go Daddy and then you can just export your code from Webflow, and create a custom solution for Aweber by modifying the exported code. Keep in mind, once you export your html, it cannot be imported back into Webflow.

“If anybody has found a way around this or an email marketing software that works smoothly with webflow please let me know!”

– Webflow also supports MailChimp, you might check them out. Thanks for the feedback, Webflow is always taking the suggestions by users into consideration and what determine what is practical, possible and useful to the community of users.


There is no way you can access server files now. You have to create a .php file on external server and link it to your webflow code using jQuery somehow.

Once you create a design in Webflow you can use Export Code feature that will make a .zip file containing your website. You can then upload it to your own server and set it up for your needs. If you build your additional/custom code properly you will be able to use it without a single line change in Webflow. That would allow you to simply make changes on Webflow and export website to your own server. This should also work if you have an external server with your Custom .php files that are linked to your webflow website.

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Interesting, in what way? I just integrated a Mailchimp form by copy/pasting an embed code and tweaking CSS declarations in it. Is there a way to use WF form elements and make them work with MC?

Hi, check out this topic in our Webflow Help site. Granted, there needs some work in that Help docs section, and we are working on that, however there is this article:

I hope that provides some clarity, how you can integrate mailchimp as well, to your Webflow sites. It may also be, that depending on the complexity of your form, going with an HTML Embed Widget may be the best move. If you want to only capture first and last name and email, then you can get that data to mailchimp using built in Form capability. If you want greater complexity or additional fields, then use an embed option with embed code from mailchimp.

Ok, very cool, this solution fits a lot of needs and renders tweaking unnecessary.

As you said, full code embed works great as well and displays in preview.

I’m cool with using both solutions, depending of the use case. Thanks.


The mailchimp code was exactly what I was trying to do with Aweber but I had no luck. Also I couldn’t find the mailchimp integration in the help videos section.

But thanks! I got the newsletter integration working perfectly.

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