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Custom domain detecting issues

Hi Team,

I purchased my domain in GoDaddy and the hosting of the domain was done in Linode server.

Previously I used firebase for storing files. Now I moved everything to Webflow(I mean I hosted my website in Webflow).

Now my issue is - I configured domain in the Linode server as per Webflow instruction and that was working fine without any issues. But is detecting issues in Webflow. I updated A records in Linode server as per the instructions given in the hosting tab of the Webflow but unfortunately, that was not working. I tried deleting the A records almost 2 times from the Linode server and update the A records as per Webflow instructions and there was no luck.

Can someone help regarding this issue?

So, I believe you should have disconnected the domain from Linode since it was your previous web host and updated the records in GoDaddy because they are your domain registrar. Additionally, as you may know, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect.

Thank you for your quick response @chris_loggins. But all the subdomains are still registered from Linode Server and I think our server team can’t disconnect the domain from the Linode.

Yes, I know it will take 48 hours for the changes to take effect. It was more 48 hours since I updated the records.

And also, CNAME records are updated in Linode server which are working fine, then why is not working fine even though after A records correctly

I think your that your domain registrar and Linode having two different records for the is the problem. It’s a conflict of records. That is my best guess of what the issue is.

The best advice I can give you without seeing whether or not the subdomains are set up within something like CPanel or within the Linode Cloud panel is if you need to have sites on subdomains that are hosted on Linode, set up the subdomains in GoDaddy, point them to the Linode servers, and then change your A records for the main domain to Webflow’s within the GoDaddy panel, then you should be able to add the subdomains to the Linode cloud panel since they will be pointed to the server’s IP address.

Again, that is without seeing how you have things setup.

Hey @KrishnaKanth

This seems like a technical issue, and we’re here to help. It is likely we’ll need to investigate and discuss your private account details. Could you please contact our Customer Support Team directly at

One of our Customer Support Team Specialists will be able to investigate and respond via email! Thank you so much!