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Custom Domain Connects then Disconnects After Publishing or Refreshing Settings Page

Okay, This is weird.

I’ve got the DNS zone set up properly…Or so I think…
(This provider doesn’t allow the @ symbol to be used. instead it said to leave it blank.)

And when I click “Check Status” I’m able to get them to say “Connected” however if I publish the site or refresh the page, the status changes to “Issue Detected”. :expressionless:

They bought the domain through Godaddy, but hosted their old site with Media Temple so they were using custom nameservers. I’d normally just cancel the hosting and change the nameservers on Godaddy back to their default but they set up their email with Media Temple so I can’t or else their email will go down.

Is this a Propagating issue I’m experiencing? Should I just be patient?


We are experienceing tha same problem. we just moved everything to cloudflare. On cloudflare we chose the options DNS only otherwise the domains did not connect at all and now with DNS only when we publish they got disconnnected.