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Custom Domain - A record name cannot be @?

On the tutorial it says to make the A record name ‘@’, but my hosting provider shows that a zone name must be domain name. Is it the same thing? So in other words an A record Name should be and not @. Can anyone verify?

I just spend several hours last weekend to find an answer to that question for myself :sweat_smile:

So YES, is correct.

And for the CNAME record do not forget the dot at the end of like I did :wink:

Yes. Every DNS host handles things differently. Some require nothing, some require @, some require the whole domain.

As @johanneskain mentioned some providers also require a trailing dot at the end of records.

Yes, after testing and giving it time to propagate, I can safely say that if your hosting provider doesn’t allow @ as the A record Name, just means you have to use ← with that period at the end! And without the ‘www’. The CNAME is where you use

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