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Custom Div IDs for Collection List Items


I used collection list to showcase workspaces with very little brief on Homepage of the website
On Workspace page I have all those Individual Workspace Details using again Collection List.

Now I want user to click on Learn More from Home page and redirect them to same workspace detail on “Workspace” page.

I can’t use Div IDs beccuase its duplicacting on other collecction items in “Workspace” page.

Any solution so I can add unique Div IDs for each collection type?
or any other way to land user on corresponding workspacce detail div?

Here is my public share link:
Project Read Only link:

The only workable answer that I’ve found so far is to make each item a separate collection list and then filter it so that it only displays the item that you want. That way you can assign an ID to each of the filtered list. I know it seems like a pain in the ass but is should work.

thanks @heyward,
So its like use same amount of different collection list items (in this case 6), and use filter to show only 1 for each … just to mimic the same layout.
it should work. I will give you an update.

Thanks bud.

Yeah that’s how it works. I just did it for a site I’m working on.

Look here: