Custom cursor not clickable

Hello, I’ve created a custom cursor but it seems to be glitchy - sometimes it clicks and sometimes it doesn’t work…any ideas why?

Website with custom cursor on “Projects” page : Webflow - Skladan Architecture

It seems to be working on my end. I can’t seem to replicate the issue!

One thing is to make sure that pointer events is set to none for custom cursor so you know you are clicking on the link below it? (Although I just spotted the cursor is in the link element so that should be fine!)

Thank you @TommyNZ for your response! When you filter the projects and click “Multi-family”, the custom cursor stops working…thoughts?

Ah @Christina_Lehn it still seems to be working on my end! I hope you’ve maybe managed to sort it?

Otherwise feel free to send me a quick Loom video or something to show whats going wrong. Apologies I can’t replicate it ahaha