Custom Cursor Interaction Not Working on Some Breakpoints?

Hi all, I’m currently building out a portfolio and am having trouble with my custom cursor on breakpoints 1440 px and larger. On smaller breakpoints, the cursor works just fine. However, on larger breakpoints, the cursor seems to be offset upwards by an amount which is significant enough to render the nav bar unusable. Any advice?

Here’s the read only link, and here’s the live site link.

Thanks a ton!

This article by @dram describe how to do a custom cursor A guide to custom cursors in Webflow | Webflow Blog
And the Live site doesn’t suffer from your bug.

Anything you’ve done differently?

Hey Vincent, thanks for getting back to me. I’m on a 13 inch mac and have trouble when in fullscreen. Truly can’t figure out what the problem is here - it seems like somehow the cursor is offset a little, but I can’t find anything wrong in the CSS that would cause that. Super weird. Thanks a ton for the help - i’ll make sure to check out the link!