Custom CSS properties on element

I have before seen that you have added a custom CSS property to an element - z-index (on the CSS playground website). I want to add a custom property to an element, but I’ve been searching for a button for absolutely forever and gave up.

eh whatever ive decided webflow is not the service for me, after all to do anything at all you have to pay this outrageous price of like $80 per month and it gets better lol you cant even add custom css or anything like that, its like they take all the control from you instead of making it easier. webflow would have been the only thing for me if it wasnt so dang expensive! greedy money snatchers

80 for a site looks high… A pro plan is $35/month and there are plans announced for less than that. Hosting a site goes from $5 to $10 currently.

The UI for z-index is in the Positioning section. It’s also well referenced in the documentation.

You can add custom CSS code at site level, at page level and at element level. HTML and JS too.


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