Custom CSS on specific page element

Hi there,

I am wondering if someone could point me on how to insert a custom css code on a page element such as:
transition: transform cubic-bezier(0.51, 0.07, 0.47, 0.91) 1.1s;
transform: translate3d(-200%, 0, 0);

or if its even possible.

Maybe not on the free plan and it is necessary to scale to a superior plan to achieve my pourpose?

Thanks heaps in advance for your help.

Hi Ferran, and welcome to the forum.

To be able to add custom code at site or page level, you need to either:

  • pay for a Site Plan for the concerned site
  • pay for an Account Plan, which unlocks all limitations for all sites, wether they have a Site Plan or not

So on the free plan you can’t add those CSS rules with custom code.


transition: transform cubic-bezier(0.51, 0.07, 0.47, 0.91) 1.1s;

That’s a Ease-in-out. You can add it with the style panel, and even edit it.

(I added it as a transition on bg color but you chose what you want. I also edited it a bit to mimick your exact values)

That’s a basic transform, doable in the UI too:


So you don’t need any custom code really.

Have you been underestimating Webflow? :wink:

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