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I have a bar that sells protein shakes to clients. The client pays upfront for 10 shakes to get a discount. For every client, i want to have the option to present the shakes that left for him, and also, to check or mark time that he gets a shake and reduce it from his “card”. Now his “card” will present the current shakes that left. Maybe an option that present 10 boxes for every client and delete on every visit, or a custom counter for each client…
Any idea how to make that happen?

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Not sure where you see Webflow fitting into this.
Try googling “coffee cards” or “loyalty cards”.

Paper and a rubber stamp is the simple approach here, but if you really want to go digital;

Thank you for your answer.
I have a website and I want the employees to be able to register a new clients and control the cards from the website instead of manual cards

Yes I’ve built quite a few POS systems using QR codes and RFID.
There are two things that matter here-

  1. At the point-of-sale, you have four different interactions happening- the merchant, the client, the loyalty system, and the payment system. That interaction is nuanced and very specific to your POS situation and systems, and how you want the systems to support the human interaction.
  2. Webflow is not a POS system. It has parts that can be sort of assembled to create some of the functionality, but not well. Who gets the keyboard? Who sees the screen? Are there two screens? How does the user identify themselves? Where is the loyalty data stored? How do account top-ups happen?

What you are asking for is an application, not a development environment. This is the wrong tool for the job. If you had the UX for both the client and the merchant perfectly defined, you might be able to build something suitable using two computers, 1 or 2 Webflow sites, and perhaps Wized and Xano. But the cost would be prohibitive and there are already apps designed to do exactly what you’re asking for.

Thank you.
I’ll elaborate:
The client pays for a bundle of 10 shakes.
Currently, the sale is not registered, but personal to the seller in shift (Its a direct marketing company) so it’s not important to the system. The seller takes a blank worksheet card, writes the details of the client, and every time the client comes in and grab a shake, the “bartender” signs manually in the card and stamp the date. When the card is full, it thrown away and the client can open a new one.
I want the “bartender” to operate the cards on a website instead of a manually form. The client wont see the screen at all, it just for handling the cards mor efficiently then browsing through all the physical cards for every client. Its not required a POS system.
Its very simple interaction. I thought it could be done without creating database because when the card is full - its done! I dont need to save records or manage storage and transactions. It all happens outside the website.
You are right that an app will be better solution but still, it would be more convenient to use a website…

App = application, That doesn’t necessarily mean a mobile app, but sure there are tons there. Most loyalty and stamp-card apps interact with a POS application anyway for a qr purchase scan. Credit redemptions, customer ID, etc.

You’re still missing a lot of key points here, like how many locations you have, how many customers you need to support, how you will identify those customers when they buy the shake.

For a handful of customers and locations, and trusted POS operators, just use a Google Sheet.

If you really want to build something custom, have a look at using Webflow + Wized + Xano or Airtable as your datastore. You can build some great stuff that way.

Thank you for all your answers my friend!