Custom Coding: Interaction not working in collection list after adding custom code

Hi there, I’m launching a website in a couple of weeks and am having trouble using a dropdown interaction in a collection list that I have attached to custom code. I am using two collection lists (one for categories and one for businesses) to create a large resource guide for a client. The code I’m using is able to push content I have in the business collection list into the category collection list making it organize businesses by categories (this is only visible after publishing the website).

The problem I’m having is that after the business collection items are in the correct categories, the dropdown interaction that each business item has does not work which I need for consolidating the page.

I would very much appreciate it if someone would help me figure out why the code I have is not working. Or if there’s a better method, directing me that way.

(this is my first time using support so let me know if I’m sending the share-link wrong)

This is the code I have in the tag

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - RESOURCE SHARE

Anyone have an answer that can help me?