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Custom Code to override ALL instances of a custom PNG cursor?

Hi All,

My first ever Webflow forum post - HOW EXCITING!

I’m following everything A-okay on a few different forum posts after finally finding the right ones that relate to the issue I’m having!

However, I still have one unanswered question that I can’t find ANYWHERE!

I’m currently using the following code within my ‘Custom Code’ tab on project settings…

a, body, {
cursor: url(“”), default;

and it’s working fine for my custom png mouse on all body and link areas of my site however I’m looking for a way to override absolutely everything.

At the moment if you move the mouse between a body section And a collection wrapper (with links) then it flicks between the default cursor and my custom cursor.

My top and bottom question is… What code can I use as well of/instead of ‘a’ (for links) and ‘body’ to make the custom cursor stay for the entire site no matter what it’s hovering over (Body, links, paragraphs, etc. etc. etc.)!?

PLEASE help if you know how to solve this. I’m not going to send a read-only link for my site because surely it should be the same for everything single scenario! I just need to know what to change on the code so that the custom cursor is ALWAYS there and not just on certain areas, elements, sections.

Thanks in advance!!