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Custom Code Loop Through CMS

Is it possible to make calls to the CMS with custom code? I was trying to make a drop down menu that populated with all names from a collection and automatically updates but realized I didn’t know how. In Wordpress I could loop through all items easily, is that possible with webflow?

There are other things I am thinking about that I used to accomplish with custom code in Wordpress, just curious if they are possible here.

Your only option for interacting with the Webflow CMS is using the Webflow CMS API (which leaves a lot to be desired). You can’t do this client side as you need to protect your API key, so your only option would be proxy requests to your own back end which communicates with Webflow. However this would likely be slow.

There is no good answer and it’s very frustrating that Webflow has not addressed this major lack of functionality. The same issue arises when it comes to dynamically filtering and sorting CMS content, for example. It would be great if they could provide a hook client side to use or something like that.

Dang, that’s what I was afraid of

@wischrendel Does this suit or help this need?