Custom Code Integrate on Both Domain (Custom & Subdomain)


I have ran to an issue (which is not really an issue but nvm)

I would like to know if there’s any trick or something to have different space for custom code for test domain and custom domain.

I would like to have only custom code related to TEST METRIC (like test analytics, test facebook pixel) and one custom code area related to LIVE METRICS (Live Website)

Actually, when I’m editing the version of the website ‘’ it count as a real view on my google analytics which is annoying because i’m only working on a test address, and therefore, it push data to analytics.

Didn’t fount it elsewhere, but it should be great to have 2 differents custom code area, one for the test address (the subdmain and one for the real address.

If anyone can help on this, would be really appreciated.

Can you not exclude traffic to the test subdomain from the analytics program itself?