Custom Code Form

Hi Guys,

I have a form I created by embedding HTML & CSS.
Is there a way to connect the embedded form to webflow’s form submissions page?


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wop wop, anyone ? :smiley:

Not sure i completely understand your question. But from what I assume :

  • If you want to use webflow’s form endpoint - what is the reason / benefit of using custom embed for a form when you can design form to suit the style? ( assuming if you’re staying on their hosting )
  • If you’re hosting outside webflow - their form processor won’t work. So there is no point of connecting to their action.

Am i missing something here ?

I will host on webflow. I used code for input:focus~ and input:not(:focus):valid~

Here is my link:

And the published site:

Can you not use your custom classes and use your class to target webflow’s form input fields ?

hmm… I’ll try that

seems like everything works except this:

input:focus~.floating-label, input:not(:focus):valid~.floating-label

So, I think I know what the problem is…

Can I use input:focus~.floating-label when floating-label is a sibling div?