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Custom code for parallax scrolling behavior?


Any recommendations on specifically where to get custom code for parallax scrolling behavior?

I’ve got a couple of my main nav links linked to sections on the home page, while the rest have their own page.

I had to link them directly. While they now work, I’ve lost the beautiful parallax behavior that one gets while on the home page.

The home section links are “WORK” and “CONTACT”

If you click “LIVE” in the hero section of the homepage, you will see the parallax behavior I would like to replicate.

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Is there a marketplace that you guys have to work with a webflow code developer that I could work with to achieve this?



Hi @nathanphilsteele, thanks for the post. I took a peek and I have a suggestion. Copy the navbar from the symbol, create a new symbol from that and make that the “Home Nav” symbol.

Update the links in the home nav symbol, placed only on the home page, to point to the correct sections using the built in section links.

Delete the original Header symbol from the Home Page (don’t delete the symbol completely, just from the home page).

Now the Home Nav symbol shold work fine on the home page and the original header nav symbol working on the other pages.

See my video:

Does this solution work for you? Yes, you will need to make changes separately to the Home Nav for any updates, but it should not take too long to update one extra nav symbol :slight_smile:

Regarding the freelancers, have you checked out: List of Webflow Freelancers (2014-2015)?

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Dude! You rock, as always :smiley:



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