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Custom code for anchor function for tabs

Hey, i have the following problem:

Situation: on my detail-article page I have set up a pagination through tabs. When I click on the button for the second tab, the second part of my article is shown. This works just fine.

Problem: When click on the tab button to show the second tab, I see the end of the article and I need scroll to get to the beginning of the article.

Wish: Is it possible to add some kind of cutom attribute to the tab button that by clicking I get directly to the beginning of the article or to a special element, just like I do it when setting up an anchor link for normal buttons?

  1. this is my preview link:
  2. concering page: “Artikel Template”
  3. Browser: Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m / operating system: Windows

The only way I can think of is if you set it up as an interaction to show/hide the page divs instead of using the tabs component. Then you can apply an anchor tag to the page button to take it to the top as well as having the interaction change the page.

Another option is to simply make your article overflow:scroll so you scroll through the long article.