Custom Code Embed Button Won't Align

Hi all!

I’m just having an issue with one particular custom-coded button. I wasn’t sure whether to place this question here or in general, as I’m not sure whether it’s the custom code or the placement of the embed that’s the issue. I need to use a custom button due to the embed for our store overlay.

On our store page, we have 4 plans available. I’ve used the same class across 3 of these custom code embeds (just called ‘Silver Button’) for placement. For some reason, the Bronze package button/custom code I can’t get to sit in place. When I paste in the ‘Silver Button’ that has worked on all the other packages, the bronze package is always wildly off-centre. And when I don’t use the ‘Silver Button’ class and just HTML Embed, it’ll look perfect for me but when I look on a wider monitor the placement is off-centre - even though all the other buttons look perfect regardless of resolution.

I’ve fiddled with the placement settings, but I just can’t seem to get it to work across different resolutions like the other buttons.

Here are some screenshots of the issue for reference:

Here you can see from my normal window resolution that all packages look to be centre:

When the window is stretched out (wider resolution, the same thing happens on another ultra-wide monitor I have), the Bronze package button fails to adjust however the other packages are fine.

This is what happens when I use the same “Silver Button” class as the other packages (same container also, ignore colour change):

Would really appreciate some insight into the issue, as I’ve spent hours fiddling around and haven’t been able to come up with a permanent fix across all resolutions.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - PhoenixAC)


your code embed for the first div is missing a “Margin Bottom • Margin 2xl • Content Centered” div as a parent. Your other three containers are all inside another “Margin Bottom” div as seen in this image:

I’d recommend using fewer divs, this would help with troubleshooting a lot and understanding your own work as well :slight_smile:


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