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Custom Code causing issues with mobile breakpoint

Hi there,

I purchased a new template and then updated it with my own content. Although all screen size variations look fine on preview, it is going crazy when viewing on an actual mobile phone. Please help because I think I’ve tried everything!


Do you maybe have a few examples of what is going wrong,

The only thing i noticed is that the text is missing in the buttons.

Greetings Kees

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Yes, text is missing in various spots, hero, buttons, pricing… I’m so confused!

When you go to your site settings and checkout the tab “fonts” do you have a fallback font selected for the custom fonts?

not sure if this the problem but i think its worth trying

Yes, I have fallback fonts set…

what tempalte did you use?

It was this new one - Mobile version seems to be working fine here though. Do you think it could be the custom font? I’ve never had this problem before using this font…

Is it possible that you maybe deleted an component that is used in an animation so the animation won’t finish and thats why your text doenst show?

I don’t think so but I will check thank you.

don’t think that is the problem looks like you didn’t change anything its the same as the template

Yea, I literally changed main content, uploaded my custom font and done… Maybe I’ll remove the font and see if it makes a difference

let me know if that works otherwise ill have a better look when im at home :slight_smile:

Yup, it was the custom font. Found another version and it’s working fine now. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your help which ultimately lead to a fix!

yay so happy you found the fix :partying_face:

have a nice day :slight_smile: