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Custom code Button inherit body font-family style

Hello :slight_smile:

I was wondering how to force a button embeded in a webflow custom code component to inherit the font-family style of the body ? The font-family of the body is itself a custom font installed throught the webflow font setting pannel. Right now my “inherit” css property doesn’t do the trick. :disappointed_relieved:

Please find bellow the screnshots:

Thank you so much for your help ! :sunny:


If you share a published link, we can see what the inheritance value is. Helpful to diagnose this way.

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Hi @webdev,

Thank you for getting back at me ! Hem… while preparing a simplified read-only version of my issue for you to have a look at, I realised that the font was actually correctly being inherited - only I did not realised the font was being inherited from the styling I did on the webflow custom embed component… not the body.

Anyway, problem solved … sorry again :slight_smile: and thank you !