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Custom code and newsletter pop up modal

I designed a pop up modal for a newsletter on my page and it turned out that it does not work because of the custom code. But if I am not mistaken the custom code refers to weglot. And I do not want to delete this one. Can someone help me here?


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Exnaton
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Hi @Joanna1, thanks for your post.

I took a look and it seems that maybe there is some popup code in the head section of the custom code, I would check the site settings custom code tab first and check that the following code for the popup is removed from the head:

Shared with CloudApp

This code also appears to be in the Before Body and only runs after jQuery is loaded and when putting it in the head of the site, jQuery has not yet loaded.

After making a change, republish the site and check the newsletter.

I hope this helps

Hi @cyberdave,
thanks a lot for your message.
I deleted the custom code
and still I get only error.
2021-12-08 09.44.29