Custom checkboxes exhibit weird page jumping

I have a form in which I have a series of checkboxes nestled inside a div with scrollbar.
When the checkboxes are custom, options at the bottom of the list (outside the div boundaries) cause the page to jump - it seems like it makes that checkbox stick to the top of the page.

When the checkboxes are default, it behaves as expected - no weird page jumps.

The last four items in the ‘location’ list demonstrate what I mean.
I’d use a Select instead, but having to ctrl-click to multi-select isn’t going to be intuitive for my users.
I’d leave the checkboxes as default - but the blue clashes terribly, and the boss isn’t going to like it not being the brand colour.

Does anyone have any advice? Thank you for your time!

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You left last two checkboxes default you need to make them custom and when made that custom I do not found any scrolling glitch they are working fine:-

Hey, thanks for replying.
I left the last two checkboxes default on purpose, to demonstrate the scrolling behaviour.

I’ve taken a recording of the issue, hopefully this is clearer:

Hope you resolved this issue if not

Please remove “position absolute” from the input and make CSS changes if needed.