Custom blog hover/reveal design

Hello all,

So im building a custom blog section that is a bit different, however im not a developer so i am unsure if this is layout will work.

Here’s an image of the layout -

The screenshot shows 1 reveal of 7 different options.
These are all CMS items and i’ve used a filter to assign the blog posts to each reveal item.

What im trying to achieve -

  1. Two cms items that would be linked (Reveal item and the right hand post items)
  2. The hover/reveal elements affect the blog name and summary on the right
  3. You’d click the hover blog item to go to the current blog post.
  4. Doesn’t need to be responsive

Im not a developer so im not sure if you can even link cms items like with this webflow cms setup.
I could try building this out with tabs? But the tabs are links themselves and also I wouldn’t be able to link them to ‘current blog post’.

The other issue is this uses a lot of collection items, any suggestions of how to reduce the amount? if not ill probably just reduce the amount of items used.

Any help will be great!


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