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Curved Text in Webflow?

Hello Webflow geniuses!

Can any of you super smart people tell me if I’ve missed anything obvious or, failing that, point me towards a solution please?

Looking to have menu links curve around a circular image, as in the screenshot below.


I used circletext.js to create the example shown above, however I think that there’s limitations due to how the script interacts with the page text (I’m no javascript expert… or even a layman to be honest!). I don’t appear to be able to create functional links for anything using circletext.js

Any help appreciated! I don’t need any kind of animation / scrolling effect (which circletext.js is great for) - I just need static, curved menu links.

Thanks in advance fellow Webflowers!

p.s. no share link included - potentially need to sign an NDA for this project. If absolutely essential I’ll create a new project to duplicate the effect from the screenshot above.

@DFink thanks for recategorising… guessing that probably means there isn’t a solution native to Webflow? :sweat_smile:

Nope, never seen that before ever. And if you are using custom code, it definitely needs to be in here. You can always try the old school image route though where you slice up an image and put it in link blocks.

That’s cool, it’s good to know it’s not available natively so I can at least cross that off the list! Your suggestion of using images is definitely on the table if I can’t find another solution I guess.

Appreciate your time bud :slight_smile: