Cursor Not Changing on Hover over Linked Image

I have been having issues with the arrow not turning into a hand when it hovers over a thumbnail image to be enlarged.

I have been told this is a bug that webflow is working on, and wanted to know if progress has been made or if there is some way to work around this.

Would it be terribly clumsy and inefficient to put an invisible text link on top of each thumbnail image? Text link pointers change properly.


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No need for that. It’s already a known bug by support. I’m looking for some kind of way to work around it or an update as to when it will be fixed.

What’s your source?

I would love to help, but I can’t do anything without an example.

Here’s a website I made:

Go to the gallery section. You will see that the arrow changes to a hand the first time a thumbnail is clicked, but after that it does not, unless the page is loaded again.

Note that this issue has been reported to support and they have acknowledged this is a bug they are working on. This is not just my problem. I have seen the same thing happen with other websites made in webflow.

What I’m looking for is some kind of way to work around this. I was thinking I could put an invisible button in front of each photo and use that as a link. Would that be compatible with the lightbox?

I see what you mean. It doesn’t happen on IE11, Edge, Firefox. This seems to be a Google Chrome issue. Weird bug.

Is there anything I could do to work around it? There is no problem with text links or button links.

Is there any code I could add?

Yup, it’s confirmed as a new/recent Google Chrome bug.

Instead of using the fix in the link above, you could also try to set cursor state for the link in the designer panel. This will override Google Chrome’s “auto” cursor setting.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

It says that changing the cursor is disabled for hover state.

That’s sad. You have to use the fix in the link then.

I seem to have the same problem.
In both Safari and Chrome.

my site is here:

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