Cursor blending mode

Hi Matthias!

Thanks for your quick reply! I added the following piece of code to the Head Code:

  /* Blend modes */

.mbm-normal{mix-blend-mode: normal;}
.mbm-multiply{mix-blend-mode: multiply;}
.mbm-screen{mix-blend-mode: screen;}
.mbm-overlay{mix-blend-mode: overlay;}
.mbm-darken{mix-blend-mode: darken;}
.mbm-lighten{mix-blend-mode: lighten;}
.mbm-color-dodge{mix-blend-mode: color-dodge}
.mbm-color-burn{mix-blend-mode: color-burn;}
.mbm-hard-light{mix-blend-mode: hard-light;}
.mbm-soft-light{mix-blend-mode: soft-light;}
.mbm-difference{mix-blend-mode: difference;}
.mbm-exclusion{mix-blend-mode: exclusion;}
.mbm-hue{mix-blend-mode: hue;}
.mbm-saturation{mix-blend-mode: saturation;}
.mbm-color{mix-blend-mode: color;}
.mbm-luminosity{mix-blend-mode: luminosity;}

And then I try to add mbm-difference as a class to the cursor element in the designer, and I also tried to add it like this:

{mix-blend-mode: difference;}

But both don’t seem to work?