Cursor at the end of a search field

When you think about search experiences you begin to create a very large list of items needed to make the experience complete.

One of those experiences is, Placing my cursor to the end of the text, after I submit a search.

Let’s say you type in Foo, only to see limiting search results so you want to complete/narrow your search by continuing to type the word bar.

This is done, efficiently, by placing the cursor to the right of the text just behind the word foo, like this [foo | ].

Today, I can only get my cursor to present in the front of the search bar, like this [ | foo].

How do I get the cursor to show up at the end of my text?

@johnnyandthesprites - are you talking about when the user re-focuses the search input having the cursor go to the end?

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Not with re-focus, but automatically.