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Current Wordpress Blog Transferred

Hi! I am hoping if anyone can help me. I am currently running a blog on a wordpress theme. However, I would like to switch the blog to a responsive design and use the new design (footer and header) that I did here in webflow.

Can anyone please help? I know there have been several other postings about this, but I can’t seem to find any concrete answers. I feel like i have looked everywhere, and am making it way more complicated then need be.

I really appreciate any help…

Desperate and defeated–

Do you want to build your site with fresh-new design on Webflow and then get back on Wordpress?

Not exactly… I just want to convert my current blog to match my new webflow design… (new site) (old blog)

Does that make sense? I’m looking to continue blogging on wordpress but use webflow for the regular site.

To be honest I think old site was better. On the new one the site doesn’t look that … clean and fresh as it should. I suggest to go to some Wordpress Templates, find the one you like and try to build that one in Webflow. Also you should check those sites at You will find some inspirations :smile:

If you want to create a site in Webflow and then convert it to Wordpress you should be familiar with coding PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and probably some JavaScript. There are some tutorials on the internet on how to transfer html site into Wordpress Template. There is also an amazing tutorial on how to use Ultimatum, a Wordpress Plugin that allows you to build your site easier. @pingram3541 created this tutorial here. I have to mention that Ultimatum is a plugin for which you have to pay, but it is worth paying those $120+.

You could also find a freelancer on this forum to do that for you. Simply jump into Freelance category :slight_smile:

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Megan, I think the new site lays out the content better so it will probably convert better than the old one (which lays out everything in “post” format which is not natural). But @bartekkustra may be right with the color scheme and the visual themes. I’d work on adding a lot more space between different sections so it’s easier to look at. Also, the bright red can be overwhelming to some so it would be good to make it more subtle. Otherwise it’s a good start!

Thanks for your help guys! I actually was able to figure it out myself. All I really wanted was the header and footer to be the same as my webflow site, and reform my wordpress blog into a responsive theme with the header and footer from webflow. I feel that I made it way more complicated then it was. I know my site isn’t the “coolest” nor will it probably win any awards, but with the industry that I’m in, overcomplicating the site doesn’t lead to conversion, and thats what I am looking for with my current site. I am hoping–fingers crossed-- that it will bring in more leads!

Thanks again!


We’re not talking of overcomplicating. In your industry the design of your site is very important. At the video that is on a landing page we can hear about how “John” (let’s call him that) need to hire marketing director who’s salary is huge + all perks might lead to marketing budget hit the roof. And that marketing director won’t be able to use social media, create a website or create some graphics and you are forced to use freelancers that will support you on your business growing.

Now… When I enter a website of some companies I imediately need to know what this company is about, what they do and most important in your case - If the site is clean and fresh they will help John’s business grow with clean and fresh ideas! Website is your business card! It promotes you and your company and should always be great looking. Especially if you want your company to help other companies stay on market.

I don’t want to abuse you or your work and if you felt that I did I am very sorry. We are here to help people around with our ideas and experience. We want to help you with making your website amazing… stunning! Just as your company helps other companies with their image. And you also use your ideas and experience :slight_smile:

If you don’t feel like you want to design whole website you can always look for freelancers on this forum. I’m sure there are plenty of us that would love to help :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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I like the overall approach of the design of the site though - it reminds me a little of Basecamp’s approach of big calls to action: They have since redesigned it many times to make it even simpler.