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"current" state in nested pages

Hello everyone. I’m working on this portfolio website:
I made a navigation, in which the links have a “current” state. In this case they become pink and have a top border.

Now, since this website is a portfolio, I’d like to have it structured like this:
/work/project3 …etc

But since in Webflow a folder and a page cannot have the same slug, I had to structure it like this:
/projects/project2 …etc

The problem is that, this way when I open a project, I don’t see the active state on the navbar link called “work”.
for example:

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

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Interesting dilema. I am interested in reading the solution my self.
Hey… I noticed the contact section does not work in:


Oh yeah, I still need to finish it. I end up with the idea of a drop down section just today, so I need to wrap every page inside a div. Boring.

Oh I see what you mean now. Let me talk to the team and see what we can do about having an index page for folders to keep the current state active.

To make active states for navigation links to work properly we’d have to do some magic and allow index pages for folders, so you would be able to link to and have pages under that like It’s gonna take a bit of work actually so we’re not going to take a crack at it until we finish some other things we’re working on first.

Thanks for pointing this out @Dario! Love the sites you’re building btw!


Thanks @thesergie! I love Webflow and the community here!

Hi, I’ve got the same problem here, in need of the current state for nested pages… did we ever find a solution?

No solution for it quite yet. We’d like to tackle this issue but it’s not as pressing as some other things we’re working on. I’ll keep you updated on when we begin working on it!


Hi Sergie,
Is still still on the list? I’ve been getting this request from my client as well - and it would be nice to have now with the CMS which makes adding dynamic pages very easy…but in a lot of cases we can’t see in the navigation where we at exactly!

With the cms its possible to make a dynamic page and a static page with the same slug. This might already help a bit