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Current state in navigation not recognized when query string follows URL

When sending traffic to a WebFlow site using a URL with a query string, for example Google Analytics Tracking URL, the CURRENT state of navigation is not recognized. For example, lets say a navigation link for CURRENT state has a background color change. This would work as expected for a url (example), but the CURRENT (page) state is not recognized for the url

Hello @bhinson :smile:

Thanks for catching that. Let me talk to my team to see if we can address this quickly.

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Hello @bhinson,

Sorry for the delayed response. There currently isn’t a way for querystrings to work with the “current” class. But, there may be a workaround using jQuery and custom code.

The code could recognize the name of the page, then apply a the “w–current” class to the appropriate nav link.

Would you like me to go further with the code?

I’ll be standing by for your response! :slight_smile:


Would love to see your ideas Nelson