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Current State for nested objects?

Hey guys,

I am almost done with a site, and doing some design/UI tweaks before launching. On the nav bar (dropdown), I have some small white bars nested inside the Dropdown Link Block, to which I have applied an interaction which uses the rollover of the dropdown link to scale the white bar outwards on rollover, and back to 0px wide on rollout.

With the Dropdowns I have found that you can affect the Current state of the Dropdown Link Block (albeit with a somewhat cumbersome process, I find) — but I cannot find a way to affect the Current state of other objects nested inside the Dropdown Link Block (i.e. the white bar, which I would like to remain fully expanded at the same width as its rollover state, so that line stays where it is when we are on that page and in the Current State.

Any thoughts at all? Much appreciated :smile:


Currently the only way to do that is via JavaScript custom code.

Hmm shame… An important feature which would be very useful. Thank you for responding anyway, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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