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Current pseudo class on dynamic list item


I’m using a dynamic list as navigation for the items in a collection and want to have a current state on the one list item currently viewed. Is that something I can do now and I missed it or is it coming soon? (I think I’ve talked to someone about this but cant remember where :grinning: )

I need this too!

Can we get this moved to need help category?

Hello @jorn and @904TECHNOLOGY,

Did you guys try to create class on static menu links, style current state and then use this class for dynamic menu links?


You should be able to do it using Conditional Visibility, but would have to add/remove elements based on that rule since it’s not possible to add/remove a class using condition visibility.

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It could be a really nice feature!!!

The Webflow Blog already integrates this option or I have missed something?

Thank you for your nice work Team Webflow

@+ Fred