Current menu state disappears when stepping to next page of Collections ouput


I’m self-hosting on my own server… drawing the pages of catalog products from a db and injecting them into the webflow created pages, but this must be an issue that arises when using Webflow Collections.

Like when you guys use Collections and step forward to the next page of results, how do you keep the menu for that category highlighted?

In my case, I hover over my menu link block… the hover state works as expected

then I click to load that page… the menu link block stays highlighted as expected because of this CSS


But i then click the next-page of results link on the loaded page, with the EXACT same url , but with ‘page=2’ added at the end of that URL string & the CSS menu state switches back to UN-highlighted!

i looks rubbish. I want the menu item to stay highlighted as long as I am on that URL page stepping back/forward through results

all the usual css link fixes (target, current etc) don’t work

so how does it work in webflow?

what do i add in the CSS after my class for the menu item?






any fixes please? it’s weird. not run across this problem before

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