Current in page anchors 50vh


Im having some issues with the current-class working on anchors, the current class seems to be given correctly, though with a top margin of 50vh instead of top: 0; or top: 0; -nav offset.

to make more obvious what i mean - heres a link to the page im currently having issues with: (made current class red and ugly so its easy to figure)

  • and heres the read only link to it incase it helps: Webflow - johannawillems (current class and animated nav wont work in preview so easier to understand in the published version)

is there a simple solution to this? this is my first site im building with Webflow so i might be overlooking something, thought i found this post from 2016 with the same issue:

It does seem like an oversight by Webflow for building one-pagers if this is intended behavior, is there a solution to this outside of using custom code? Its fairly straight forward to solve with javascript, though it does feel a bit bloaty to use custom-code if a solution is already build in.

Is there an elegant issue fixing this? Either adjusting the top margin with js or even better some setting im missing cause im new to Webflow?

Thanks in advance and sorry if i missed something obvious since im a first timer!