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Currency formatting


At now its look like: RUB 6,500.00 - unfamiliar and uncomfortable
It must be: 6 500 ₽ - international format used for most currencies

So if we alredy have some formatting, why we cant do it right way?

0.01 RUB = 0.00015 USD. Thats .00 doesnt matter. Online banks show .00 with a special button.
When design about price, every symbol counts. 5 symbols for palliative solution or 5 symbols for agreeable user experience for customers with demand five more characters? :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:
In addition, a space is much better perceived than a comma.

Switch currency format in general ecommerce settings
or formatting not a dollar currencies internationally by default
or help with custom code

Please. I am not alone in this request.

today webflow realised this function :heart: