Currency appears differently in published site as in the Designer

Hi dear all,

I am having an issue with the currency for my ecommerce.
The currency should look like this:

CHF 156.00 (with a space in between, as it does in the Designer)

…but instead it looks like this:

CHF156.00 (in the published site :cold_sweat:)

Any idea why ?
How can I have a space in between the currency and the price, as seen in the Designer ?

Thank you !

On published website removes the space inbetween currency and number… :cold_sweat:

On designer, everything looks fine

On the backend looks also all good

Hi @anthonysalamin,

Sorry for your troubles, try using the ‘SHIFT’ key when you press the spacebar. See if that doesnt work for you.

Without a look at your share link I dont know whats happening here.

I have the same problem. The difference is, I have no space in designer as well.
There should be more settings for ecommerce appearance, in some countries it looks very strange when currency is before amount for example. In Poland it should look like this: 123.00 PLN instead of this: PLN123.00. Also the word “Select” in variants is not acceptable. It looks ridiculous in other than EN languages.


Thanks for getting back to me, here is theread-only link.
Well there is no option to add a space in the ecommerce CMS, I did try to add a regular space or shift space but the only input allowd is numbers.

couldn’t agree more, though I got you covered here :slight_smile: I had the same issue and I just wrote three lines of javascript to change this, client side. All you need to do is add an id to you select button, then target this id with javascript to inject whatever text you wish into the first option of the option array from the select button.

Codepen here:

the html structure in Webflow:

<select id="yourWebflowId">
  <option selected value>Select</option>
  <option value>S</option>
  <option value>M</option>
  <option value>L</option>

and the javascript:

let buttonSelect = document.getElementById("yourWebflowId");
let optionToTranslate = buttonSelect.options[0];
optionToTranslate.innerHTML = "Wybierz";