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Currecncy Switcher

Hello to all,

I am in the process of setting a real estate listing webpage. One feature the client want is to have a currency switcher so that the potential buyer can see the cost in either EUR, USD and RS.

Anyone has tackled any feature similar to this? I am uable to figure out how to set this part for the client.

Thank you.
Webflow newbie.

To make something like that, you would have to decide which currency api you want to use first.

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Thank you. looks light a good option for me.

For now am using the shopify to make things work perfectly.

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Thank you @cerkidepsu - shopify is more geared towards e-commerce.
My product is real estate and just need to show the pricing under different currency. No online ordering or payment needed.

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I have the same problem… no e-commerce, but showing prices.

Did you solve this? Recommend me a developer if necessary.