Cupcakes website

1- On the settings tab, give an unique ID to your section

2 - On the 404 page add the Navbar and unlink it from symbol

3 - Choose your link and on the Links settings change it to url and include the address of your site (or page you want to link) followed by /#nameofthesection

4 - Finally publish your site and test it :wink:

@nita_design, It works!! Thank you for your help!

I would be nice if I could target directly a page and its section without using an external URL.

  • Domenico
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You’re welcome. I’m glad it worked.
It must be a way to do it without the need of using an external link. Maybe someone else can share another tip on this.

Absolutely wonderful design - simple and easy to navigate and the message is loud and clear. One thing you may have considered: how do I get the delivery? Or is the Cookie Monster your Customer Royale?


Thank you @nielskrarupjessen!
Cookie Monster is going to deliver all to you if he does not eat all your cupcakes during the trip :joy:

Maybe I should add a field about the custemer’address in the form. Completely forgot it! :grin:

Is this for a client… or self-education ?
Not a bad site… did a nice job either way.

Self-education @Revolution