Cumulative Layout Shift Issues

There seems to be one Collection template of mine that’s causing errors in Search Console regarding CLS.

I’ve had a look myself within Lighthouse, but I can’t see anything I am doing wrong. The only change in layout I can see is Webflow loading text, hiding it again, loading images, then re-loading the text again.

Can someone with a fresh pair of eye please take a look?

Here is an example -


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I’m actually getting CLS ‘Warnings’ on this page, which is just text and not in a Collection -

Is there something I’m missing?

Anyone? Please?

I’m interested to know what anyone else has done to prepare for the new Google Core Web Vitals update coming next year. All in all I’ve had to do quite a bit just to get this far.

Anyone? If no one is aware of the new Google Update coming in May you might want to do a bit of reading…

Same issue here. Looking for resolution.