CTA Button redirecting to wrong URL

Hello WebFlow mattes!

I´m trying WebFlow in a free version and I´m facing an issue when I click in the CTA button in my page.

I put the Google´s URL in the button link for a test.
When I´m editing the page, it´s working properly. The problem is when I publish it.

When I click in the button “QUERO O ACOMPANHAMENTO PERSONALIZADO” it is redirecting me to the following page, instead of Google´s page (test).

Link that is appearing in my button when it´s published: www.atuasaudeonline.webflow.io/LINK_DO_CHECKOUT_AQUI

I´m uploading 2 prints for you to understand better.

Many thanks in advance!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

My website: https://atuasaudeonline.webflow.io/

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Programa NutriSlim21

hi @Caio_Dias you have set function in your project setting → custom code that set ALL links to predefined href

that is why your link doesn’t work

You should also revisit all ERRORS

Many many thanks Stan!

In fact, I got this project template already done.
Since I´m using the free WebFlow plan, do you know if I can make changes in the custom code to remove this “href”?

I´m afraid not… :frowning:

Again, many thanks for your help!

hi @Caio_Dias as I’m on PRO plan from day one I have no idea about FREE plan limitation. You should check WF website to figure out its limitation or contact WF support to give you detail information.

BTW: did you try to check what tabs are in your site or page setting? If there is a custom code you can remove or just temporarily comment out this function. Second option is contact developer who created this project for you and as him for help.

Many thanks for your help again, Stan!

Yes, I have checked already in the page settings and it seems that I need to add a site plan, it´s not allowed in the free version.

I have also sent an e-mail to WF Team, asking if they can help me with that. Still waiting their feedback.

Again, many thanks for your help!

It looks to me that it is some kind of WP export as scripts are loading Bootstrap, jQuery etc. and there are some scripts preventing cloning, mouse interaction etc. You should contact developer as site is pretty messy.

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Many thanks again, Stan! You helped a LOT!