CSV import stripping break tags

I’m testing out the import tool and when I import an HTML field, the break tags are getting stripped out. When mapping the fields, I can see the break tags in the source but in the output they are gone. I’ve tried the break tags with both a “/” and without but had no luck.

Has anyone seen this behavior or know of a workaround?

I’ve never seen this exactly, maybe another member has. Try contacting support directly and have them look at it for you.

I am having the same issue. Did you find a fix or a workaround?

I contacted Support and they confirmed that the break tags are stripped during the import. I ended up not needing to do the CSV import so I never figured out a fix or workaround.

Thanks. If anyone else has a fix, I’d appreciate it… I have about 350 items with 25-35 breaks per item to figure out.