CSV import - some items could not be imported

I need to import 758 blog posts to the Webflow website. It imported 735 out of 758 and didn’t import 23. It said some items could not be imported (see the screenshot).

  1. How can I know why it did not import these 23 items?
  2. How can I know which items were not imported? Can I see a log of items that it did not import?

Any help/hints here would be appreciated.

  1. What type of field is Tags? If it’s an Option field, the value needs to exists before you import. If it’s a Reference field, it needs to be a slug to a Tags CMS Item that already exists.
  2. There is no log, but that popup shows the Name field of all the blog posts that were not imported.

If you want a detailed log with error messages that explains what is wrong and how to fix it, you should try PowerImporter’s CSV import.