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CSV Import Issue Bug

I’ve been having an issue this past week, 2 weeks maybe with a new e-commerce site I’m building.

I uploaded the first batch of photos and then linked it to Facebook.
I’m rebuilding a closed Etsy shop with a ton of image links provided, and I noticed that separating these links with a comma did not help.

I changed to semi-colon (first time dealing with CSV files) and the photos all uploaded without a problem. I then integrated the e-commerce with Facebook product catalog feed sync, which worked great, too.

My client was using Facebook to see what products she had available or not anymore (as I was doing product listings blindly with what the CSV file provided).

She advised me that the products were sold out, so I had to find another set of products from the CSV file to upload.

I’ve been having this issue for about 2 weeks now where I just keep getting an error in the upload and I either:

  1. can’t upload the products
  2. get a ‘Network error has occurred’ issue
  3. Webflow uploads about a handful of them
  4. A very few amount of times did numerous listings occur and show up properly.
  5. The images will upload but the “More Variant Images” cell column will convert the images into a ‘gif’ format and not correctly show the photos.

These all took several tries, or several minutes to upload.

It just occurred to me to turn off the FB data sync to upload products and I’m already having a smoother time uploading these products from the file.

I’m getting much more consistent success, but I’m still having an issue where a lot of my listings get uploaded, without images, and then when I click to view them, Webflow crashes.

I will continue to update.

  • Small note: I usually publish the website upon uploading or deleting the products in the CMS collection. Helps clear out any cache or residue files.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Ok, update again.

After literally spending 2 weeks with this…

2 Things to fully conclude.

    • Semi colons are the way to go for multiple image variants.
    • The first column: “Product Handle” which would be the ‘slug’ upon Webflow import, must have NOT A SINGLE SPECIAL CHARACTER. Only NUMBERS AND LETTERS. Not even an apostrophe. I had cleared them all out and had to go through about 430 items individually to find there was one little “+” sign amidst the entire listing.

Fixed it, though.

I write this for future users who may experience similar problems I’m having.

Another good thing to note is to make sure you page is published WITHOUT items, and if you import items and have errors, delete them, refresh page, then re-upload after downloading and reading the error logs they provide you on the top right hand side with the notification after import success/failure.

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