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Css selector for Elements containing no href link

Hi Everyone,

It is my first post and hope I make it enough comprehensible.
I am building an about Page that uses the cms collecting data for each team member. Among the data I would like to insert their social media links and proceeded as follows:

I added a link block for each social media link and pulled the URL from the CMS. In order to differentiate every link, I put an icon inside each link block as shown in the image. So far so good, each link is showing the correct icon and redirecting to the proper website.
The only thing is that not all team members have the same social media links. The issue is that the link blocks with their corresponding image are shown even though there is no link connected to them. I find it a bad UX. Is there a way, maybe with custom code, to exclude those link blocks that don’t have a URL.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Dritan, you can use conditional visibility to hide the icons that doesn’t contain any link. Are you able to share the read-only link for me to have a look to be sure?

Hi @dennyhartanto, It was exactly what I was looking for, thank you a lot. I didn’t know anything about conditional visibility. I spent the last 2 hours trying everything. I owe you a beer or a coffee when you are in Berlin.