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CSS iPhone with the Pokemon GO Animation built in Webflow!

Alright guys, I had a free day today so I decided to try something fun!

I was watching the most recent Webflow livestream with @PixelGeek and seeing him mess with the app and talking about how it relates to good UX inspired me to recreate it in Webflow.


  • No custom code
  • A mix of interactions, screenshots and GIFs of my actual iPhone screen
  • And more, check it out yourself

LIVE Link:

Tools used:
Background music: Youtube and iMovie
GIF Background: LICEcap and Quicktime Airplay for Mac
Icons: Flaticon (The poke-ball and phone use no icons)
Loading Screen: Built in Apple screenshots and Webflow interactions
Profile and Nearby Sections: Affinity Designer

LIVE Link:

Preview Link:

Have a great day :smiley:


Wow! Very creative! I really like animation when you click on the poke-ball :slight_smile:

Thanks! Eventually I want to make the menu buttons work as well. But I could resist posting this first edition.