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CSS improvements…It's time

I wish more attention was paid to the fundamental stuff Webflow should be good at. One case in point…

How CSS rules are created. I don’t want to create combo classes (nested rules) all the time. There’s such duplication of efforts in creating let’s say a .primary class that has styles that can be applied to multiple elements.

It sucks because Webflow helps my workflow on smaller sites, but at the end of the day I feel like I’m sacrificing cleaner, less redundant code for the sake of a visual editor. You’ve invested effort in a CMS, but Webflow has always been pitched as a visual editor that spits out good code, so I don’t think it’s asking too much to get the core stuff right.


Totally support! I tried to revive an old thread about duplicating styles: where I have elaborated at length why use of combo classes should be the exception and not the rule. Actually, just today, I had to edit the main class of an element with a combo class and the frequent switching between the two classes was maddening…


I can only strongly agree - Webflow needs to get the basic right, which are not always creating new combo classes, allowing changes of the default css classes of a page with the editor, and if an element has more than one class applied: let us choose which class we want to modify ! (atm one would need to delete all the other classes or adding a new div with only that class to modify the base class)

And li, nth and more advanced css selectors would also be great.


Yes! This needs addressed so bad.

+1 for all this. Really starting to want pseudo selectors!

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