CSS Help? This one is a challenge

I need some help! I’ve mocked up a template but I need some very specific functionality with the posts that show on the website. I’m attaching an image that shows how I need my blog posts to show on the website. I need a header image, the title, and the ability to have at least 2 if not 4 links in the summary of the post. I also would like the social sharing bar on the bottom for the ability to share the particular post.

I want people to be able to click the links showing on the post vs, the header title to go to the main post. Does this make sense? I assume it can be styled with CSS, can anyone help?

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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love Balsamiq :slight_smile:

Ok my take at a structure in Webflow:

  • green boxes are div
  • orange boxes are link blocks
  • orange underlines are text links
  • blue boxes are images
  • blue cross are background images
  • yellow is text or title
  • pink is a column element

The header div will have a fixed height that’s why a bg image is needed so it fills the area perfectly.

Is that what you expected?

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That’s a most appreciated reply. The only thing that I’m still trying to wrap my head around is that these need to be autoupated like a blog feed. Can I style the blog to do this so as the info is entered into its place it populates in the feed?


From the title to the links to the background image.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Webflow.

Try to figure that out, and come back here for details.

As @PixelGeek always says, prepare to see the light.

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