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Css class renamed to lowercase


is it possible to fix this problem ?

since some jquery plugins NEEDS specific classnames it s boring to inject my custom html with an onlick event just to have the right css names…


I wouldn’t call this a bug. Well, you can always find an alternative jQuery plugin, or request to the author of the plugin provides an option to customise the classnames.


not a real bug, but from my point of view it s not normal… if i give a name to something i want the name applied like i asked

id names are applied normally just don t understand why classname do not act like this

maybe there s a good reason …? :slight_smile:


ps : i ve modified the jquery plugin myself to fix my problem

Because that isn’t meant to be a classname field, but it’s a “go-between” the designer and code.


i can t follow you samliew :slight_smile:

just tell me, do you think normal that i have to modify ALL the damn jquery plugins i use just because i can t get my classnames writed like i made in the designer ?

for me no …

If you have to modify the plugin, it isn’t a well-written one. Get one that accepts parameters to allow you to override the defaults.

sure… but i can t understand your logic …

It is pretty widely accepted as best practice to use all lowercase for CSS selectors (class names).

hello tkister

yeah i ll try to change my bad habits :confused:


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