Css Class and Attributes Trick needed

Hi again, now I have another problem:

I have much (too much…) custom code to make it work properly, I have “THIS”:smile:

div#T1.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T2.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T3.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T4.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T5.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T6.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T7.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T8.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;}
div#T9.w-section.section-100-height {margin-bottom: 300px;} 

I would like to have the class".w-section.section-100-height" targeted only once to apply the same property and value of margin-bottom: 300px to those different ID…

Any help?

Please post your public link and screenshots or a more complete description.

Hi Dfink,
thanks for your answer the preview link is

enter link description here

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